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Creating Immersive Experiences For Your Brand

From digital marketing campaigns to expert video production, we create stories that compel, inspire, and drive your business goals

In an age where attention is the new currency, it takes seconds to lose or win a customer: seconds to grab their attention, seconds to compel them to engage, seconds to imprint your brand on them. As a creative agency, we know how to make each second count. We create extraordinary visuals that tell your audience about your brand, message, or offer. We know there’s a crowd waiting there for you to tap into it — it’s just about doing it in the right way.


The Marketing Problem

Seeking visual content for your brand but don’t know how to make it? Tried a video production agency but unsatisfied with their work? Understanding the power of video is one thing, but bringing it to life — in a way that impacts — is quite another. Your video could be unengaging, your brand could be misunderstood, your audience could be left out while you’ve wasted time and resources. The solution? Videos made by experts who understand your brand; an all-in-one marketing team who can attend to all your needs; an agency that brings elite customer service to each of their clients — at Scott Squared Media, that’s exactly what we do.

Who We Are

We’re a team of marketing strategists, video producers, web and graphic designers, and music creators. We understand the value of your audience’s attention, and our mission is to capture it with stunning, compelling visuals. We’re based in Inglewood, California, but we serve clients all over the country. Our team is small and client-focused, so we can always be agile and flexible, bringing to you exactly what you need. If we have one speciality, it’s in creating the extraordinary — leaving crowds captivated without needing any words. Your brand, your message, your specially-made video assets.
Scott Sqaured Media

What We Do

As an all-in-one creative agency, we offer the big and small solutions that any business needs. From growing your brand awareness to helping you achieve your marketing goals, we take a tailor-made approach to every project we do. Every brand is unique, each story is special, and we make it our purpose to make your brand come alive. But specifically: by creating immersive experiences, we allow your audience to visualize how your product or service can enhance their lives.

Our Core Services

Scott Squared Media offers a variety of solutions to your content challenges – our main staple being the Branded Stock Video Experience! For businesses that lack the budget for professional commercial productions , this solution offers you the ability to scale your brand’s presence organically and authentically with a content reservoir to pull from that accurately depicts your brand’s products or service and communicates its value to your consumers. Our Branded Stock Video Experience is available as a one-time fee or as a subscription, and offers you a large content bank of videos — customized for your brand at an affordable rate.

If you want to rapidly amplify your brand’s message and impact, an investment in commercial production can be transformative for your business. An eye-popping commercial is a sure way to increase awareness, peak your audience’s interest, and drive action. During the production process, we collaborate with you to position your brand in the most unique and attractive way to your customers. In post-production, we use our strategic shot selection and unique sound design techniques to create an immersive experience for your audience.

Why Scott Squared Media

With plenty of digital marketing experience under our belts, we’ve gotten to know what we do best and what our clients truly appreciate. Some of the things we’re proud of:

Dedicated, elite
customer service

we truly put you first

A thorough and stress-free production process

for your peace of mind

Ability to handle small and large projects

we’re flexible and tailored to your brand

Everything in-house

from web and graphic designs to video production and musical scores, don’t waste time contracting for each of your needs

Extraordinary visual storytelling

we let our work speak for itself

We’re Ready To Work

Whatever stage your brand is in, whether it’s been marketed extensively or you’re starting from scratch, we can power-boost it along its way. Getting brands noticed, trusted, and remembered — that’s what we at Scott Squared Media know how to do. For any questions or for a quote, just leave us a message. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.